Last fall, we spent a weekend in western Massachussetts, where we hiked Mountt Greylock and enjoyed the season's spectacular foliage. We also visited MASS MoCA, a sprawling contemporary art campus in North Adams.

One of the buildings houses three expansive floors of Sol Lewitt's wall drawings. These drawings aren't typical—Lewitt didn't draw them himself. Rather, he provided instructions for the drawings, a kind of algorithm for other people to execute. Some of his specifications provides little room for interpretation, while others are deliberately vague.

One of the pieces I found most arresting was Wall Drawing 51: "All architectural points connected by straight lines." When I saw this piece, I wondered if it could be generated algorithmically. If a program could find "architectural points", surely it could connect them with straight lines!

This program below is my attempt to simulate Wall Drawing 51 in JavaScript. Enjoy!